All travelers are kindly requested to bring along a thermometer for taking body temperature. Remember to measure your temperature every morning before breakfast because sunbathing and outdoor activities in the heat may cause a rise in body temperature later in the day.

For travelers originating from a high-risk country, 14 consecutive days self-monitoring of body temperature and possible flu like symptoms is mandatory. For travelers from a moderate risk country the mandatory self-monitoring period is 8 days.

Travelers from a low risk country who have visited a moderate or high-risk country in the 14 days prior to departure are also required to self-monitor body temperature and possible flu-like symptoms for 8 days respectively 14 days.

The travelers in these categories will receive during the 14 or 8 days an automated daily email alert providing a link for submitting the required information online. If you are remaining for a shorter term on the island, you will have to submit the information for the time you are on the island.

If you develop fever and/or flu like symptoms during the surveillance period, you will be contacted by the public health authorities and be subjected to a rt-PCR test. If positive, you will be isolated for 14 days. The medical assessment and isolation are at your expense.